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Why Buy Higher Mileage Vehicles

Why would anyone buy a high mile vehicle for their next purchase? For me, the answer is simple – VALUE! Higher mile vehicles allow the purchaser to own & enjoy “more vehicle” than they may otherwise be able to afford.

What about the risk of high mileage vehicles? After 25 years of purchasing wholesale vehicles, I firmly believe the odometer does nothing more than regulate the price. With today’s technology, a well maintained vehicle can provide reliable service far beyond what it did for previous generations. I have seen & owned low mile vehicles that have been abused, yet still bring premium pricing on the wholesale market. I do my best to avoid such vehicles. In my opinion, maintenance & overall care should be more of a valuation factor than simply mileage alone.

Similarly, the region where a vehicle spends its life is equally important. I do my absolute best to avoid vehicles (over three years old) that come from US states with severe winter weather. Obviously, rust is the biggest factor, but driving those roads (with potholes & elevations) can be very stressful on undercarriage components. I have often said I would rather own a high mile southern car, than a low mile northern car. Fortunately, the central Florida wholesale market provides ample opportunity for me to load our inventory with southern vehicles.

Rick Anderson – owner/operator